GWS S35 STD Continuous Rotation Servo

GWS S35 STD Continuous Rotation Servo

Product Code: 00091
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $777.00
This product has a minimum quantity of 1000000

Discontinuation Notice: This product has been discontinued. Suggested replacements: Power HD Continuous Rotation Servo AR-3606HB or SpringRC SM-S4303R Continuous Rotation Servo


The GWSVO008B S35 STD continuous rotation servo converts standard RC servo position pulses into continuous rotation speed. It can be controlled directly by a microcontroller without any additional electronics, which makes it a great actuator for beginner robotics projects.

The servo has an 11" (270 mm) lead that is terminated with a JR-style connector and comes with the following included hardware:

  • 1x small X-horn
  • 1x large X-horn
  • 1x large wheel
  • 1x 6-star horn
  • 1x double-arm horn
  • mounting hardware: 4x grommets, 4x eyelets, 4x screws
  • 1x horn mounting screw

This robotics servo is compatible with Pololu servo controllers and has a Futaba-compatible output shaft, which means it works with Pololu servo wheels and sprockets. For detailed specifications, please see the specs tab.

Continuous rotation servo comparison


SpringRC SM-S4303R (left), Power HD AR-3606HB (middle), and Parallax (right) continuous rotation servos.


  SpringRC SM-S4303R PowerHD AR-3606HB Parallax (Futaba S148)
Max Speed @ 6 V: 54 RPM 71 RPM 50 RPM
Stall torque @ 6 V: 71 oz-in 93 oz-in 42 oz-in
Max Speed @ 4.8 V: 43 RPM 62 RPM 39 RPM
Stall torque@ 4.8 V: 46 oz-in 83 oz-in 33 oz-in
Weight: 41 g 40 g 43 g
Size: 41.3×20.7×40.2mm 40.5×20.0×38.0mm 40.5×20.0×38.0mm
Price: $12.95 $14.95 $13.95
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