Atmega32u4 Breakout Board
  • Atmega32u4 Breakout Board
  • Atmega32u4 Breakout Board

Atmega32u4 Breakout Board

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  • Toss out those FTDI cables and go USB-native with the ATmega32u4. After many months of back-orders, we finally received a shipment of these little guys and are excited to offer our breakout board. The little dev board keeps it simple, with just the bare essentials:

    • Atmega32u4 - AVR core with USB capability. 32K flash, 2.5K RAM running at 16MHz
    • Standard AVR 6-pin ISP connector for direct programming (when you need the extra space)
    • Big Bootload/Reset button
    • 500mA fuse on the USB power line
    • Power LED and 'user' LED (also indicates when the bootloader is active)
    • Fits nicely in any breadboard
    • 4 mounting holes

    This breakout board is best for those who have familiarity with some microcontrollers and are comfortable with writing code in C. This board doesn't come with any 'learn to program' tutorials! If this is your first time with a microcontroller, we suggest going with an Arduino which is easier. Then when you want to upgrade, check this out.

    Plug it in, connect a mini-B USB cable and you can start writing code immediately. With the built-in bootloader you don't even need an AVR programmer. We suggest checking out the LUFA library to get started with the USB core as nearly every kind of device has an example already.

    For more information, including files, check out the product page including why you'd want to use a Teensy or this board.



    • Length: 51.15mm/2.01in
    • Width: 22.7m../0.89in
    • Height: 5.78mm/0.23in
    • Weight: 5.14g/0.18oz


    PCB files and schematic are on github

    Johngineer's nice pinout diagram

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