Aluminum Standoff 1.25" x 0.25" 4-40 M-F 4-Pack

Aluminum Standoff 1.25" x 0.25" 4-40 M-F 4-Pack

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Availability: Discontinued
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Note: This product has been discontinued. Please consider the similar (but not identical in all dimensions) Aluminum Standoff 1.25" 4-40 M-F 4-pack as an alternative.


Mechanical drawing of aluminum standoff 1.25″ × 0.25″ 4-40 M-F.



These hexagonal metal standoffs are great for mounting PCBs to your chassis or to separate multiple levels of decks in your robot. Each male-female standoff is 1.25" long by 0.25" wide, and the threads extend another 3/16" past the standoff – just enough to work well with our 1/8"-thick acrylic chassis. You can easily screw multiple units together to make longer standoffs. The threads are 4-40 on both ends.

Included Hardware

Four 4-40 aluminum nuts are included for attaching the male end of the standoffs to PCBs or chassis. To connect the female end to your project, you will need standard 4-40 machine screws which are available at most local hardware stores.


These metal standoffs are available in different lengths and thread types:

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